Winter 2015

DH Studio: Scholarly Text Encoding

Jeff Barry
Associate Professor & Associate University Librarian
Leyburn M38
Office hours: T 9-11am

Mackenzie Brooks
Assistant Professor & Metadata Librarian
Leyburn 110A
Office hours: M 10-11am, R 3-4pm

We are usually in Leyburn Library every weekday. Students are encouraged to drop in or to make an appointment.

Meeting time
Fridays, 8-10am. We know it’s early.

Class attendance and participation:
Since the class meets only once a week it’s vital that students attend each class. Students should advise instructors prior to any planned absence.

This is a new type of course, especially for the humanities. It is collaborative, hands-on, and project-based. Much of the work will be completed in class, so continued participation is a must.

Required Texts
There will be no books required for purchase. Readings will be articles and Web sites listed in the course schedule. Students are expected to find the full-text readings based upon the citations. Students are expected to have completed the assigned readings prior to class and participate actively in the discussions.